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Ang Drysdale and Lea Weiss

Caz Kelly and Wendy Dent

Michelle Haggeman, Meryl Erasmus and Liza Hastie

Pam and Greg Setzkorn

Savannah and Shawna Thunder

Ross Leah, Ang Drysdale and

Greg Setzkorn

Cindy Norcott and Wendy Hobson

Pam, Greg and Fallon Setzkorn

Trevor and Michelle Haggeman and Jan-Nico Coetzee

Liza and Scott Hastie

Chris and Wendy Hobson

Ian Morgan-Smith, Tracy and Strath Roland, Karen and

Peter Salvesen

Jan Nico Coetzee, Remington Setzkorn, Jaye Gedye

Karen and Keagan Eccles and Grant Cummings

Greg and Pam Setzkorn

Joanne Palmer and Leanne Weiss

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