Discovery Invest has unique products to meet all your investment needs.


  • Discovery Flexible Investment Plan - Protection and access to your investment, while saving for short, medium and long-term goals in a cost effective manner
  • Discovery Endowment Plan - An investment to meet your long-term goals that offers tax and fee savings (up to 100%)
  • Discovery Retirement Plan - Savings for your retirement
  • Discovery Preserver Plan - Savings for your retirement
  • Discovery Retirement Optimiser - Income in your retirement
  • Discovery Retirement Income Plan - Income in your retirement
  • Discovery Guaranteed Escalator Annuity - Income in your retirement.

The benefits:

  • An upfront boost (of up to 26% of your initial contribution) to enhance your Discovery endowment investment value right from the start.
  • The Discovery Escalator Funds, which guarantees that you will never receive less than 80% of the highest value that the fund has reached.
  • A boost to your investment value, if your chosen funds are not in the top quartile of all comparable funds in their sectors.
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