Setzkorn Health and Wealth Consulting is an independent financial services provider which is owned and managed by Greg Setzkorn with the support of his wife, Pam. The business, which employs twenty consultants and support staff, comprises four operating divisions namely - Insurance, Employee Benefits, Health Care Consulting and Investment Planning.


Setzkorn Health and Wealth has been going for 20 years but Pam was brought on-board, on a more formal management basis, six years ago. ‘’I had always been involved in the business but Greg wanted me to handle the human resources side of the company and prepare the books for our accountant on a monthly basis,’’ says Pam.



‘’As a family business which has grown steadily over the years, I wanted Pam to have a handle on the finances of the business. It was important to me that someone knew the ins and outs of the company in case anything was to happen to me,’’ explains Greg.

‘’Our son, Remington, has just completed his B Compt. Accounting Science and our nephew, Jaye, is currently doing a B Comm. They are both involved in the business and successfully starting to build their own client bases,’’ says Greg.


According to Greg, ‘’although we all work and live together, we try and keep business and home life as separate as possible. I come home and go through my outstanding emails from the day and then we all have dinner together and it’s time to switch off. This is not always easy but we make a concerted effort.’’

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